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Average rate 9.1 9.1
6 Review

Property Characteristics
 Cleanliness of the rooms: 9.09
 Welcoming: 9.09
 Quietness : 8.38.3
 Spaciousness of the rooms: 8.88.8
 Competence of employees: 9.59.5
 Quality of service provided: 9.09
 Surroundings: 1010
Correspondence between web pages and actual property
 Prices quoted:  9.39.3
 Services and facilities offered:  9.29.2
 Photographs:  9.09
 Location as indicated on maps:  9.39.3

Quality vs. Price
 Quality vs. Price:  8.78.7

Guest reviews

Average rate:  9.3   9.3  -   Details
Guest comment:

We were very pleased about the appartment. The next time I´ll go to Italy, we´ll reserve with you Thank you very much Anne-Elisabeth Terrazzoni

written by Anonyme on 23/Aug/2009

Average rate:  8.6   8.6  -   Details
Guest comment:

This accomodation was within walking distance of the train station. We arrived after midday and were greeted by the reception. The location is AMAZING! THe duomo is situated right outside our bedroom windows! a spectacular view, but don´t worry,the bells stop ringing at about 9pm til 6 or 7 am so it doesn´t disturb our sleep! nothing is too far from this accomodation! leather market, fresh food market, etc! definately will stay there again

written by GS, Australia on 10/Oct/2007

Average rate:  9.0   9  -   Details
Guest comment:

One of the best locations, value and spaciousness we´ve ever stayed in in Venice. I´m amazed they EVER have rooms. The two bedroom unit had balconies on 2 sides..."spitting" distance from the Duomo. We much have had a hundred tourists take our pictures while we sat on the balcony admiring the view (hard to photograph the Dumo from the south without including the balcony!) GREAT deal...GREATER choice!!

written by Stephen Goldfinger, USA on 10/Aug/2007

Average rate:  9.5   9.5  -   Details
Guest comment:

Great location, friendly staff, spacious room, good view. Very wonderful place. We will return!

written by PD, USA on 9/May/2007

Average rate:  9.2   9.2  -   Details
Guest comment:

Palazzo Gamba has excellent apartments right in the middle of the historic centre of Firenze. The view from the Giotto apartment (6th floor) is absolutely amazing, the Duomo and Battistero as neighbours. The Campanello kept some noise with its churchbells, but that didn´t bother, actually it was quite charming. The bells could disturb light sleepers, though. It was less than 10 min walk to the Piazza della Signorina, and about 10 min to the Ponte Vecchio. The shopping streets are also nearby. In the first floor of the building is a nice cafe offering lovely variety of coffees and, sandwiches and sweet goodies. We really enjoyed the 4-night-stay in the heart of Firenze.

written by Marjut Asikainen, Finland on 25/Apr/2007

Average rate:  9.2   9.2  -   Details
Guest comment:

Wonderful location across from the Duomo... perfect for scouting out the best times to get in line at the Duomo. Many restaurants and shops within walking distance. Great wine bar and restaurant (Frescobaldi´s?) a short walk away. We were a group of 5 adults(family) traveling together.. plenty of space. Would definitely return again.

written by Cynthia Day, USA on 9/Aug/2006

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