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Average rate 10 10
1 Review

Property Characteristics
 Cleanliness of the rooms: 1010
 Welcoming: 1010
 Quietness : 1010
 Spaciousness of the rooms: 1010
 Competence of employees: 1010
 Quality of service provided: 1010
 Surroundings: 1010
Correspondence between web pages and actual property
 Prices quoted:  1010
 Services and facilities offered:  1010
 Photographs:  1010
 Location as indicated on maps:  1010

Quality vs. Price
 Quality vs. Price:  1010

Guest reviews

Average rate:  10   10  -   Details
Guest comment:

Of the three places we stayed, this was the best by far. The people at this location are a wonderful family and very very customer focused. Cant say enough good things about the experience from people to facility. This was a welcome change from the awful experience in Sorrento.

written by Anonymous on 12/May/2009

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